89 How To Speed Up Your Metabolism 5 Simple Steps Backed By Science


5 Simple Steps Backed By Science To Speed Up Your Metabolism


A fast metabolism is a healthy metabolism, as we age this becomes a growing concern, our slowing metabolism can’t handle Thanksgiving dinner, drinks, BBQ’s and other favorite foods we love as good as it once did. What ends up happening, the pounds start to add up and we start feeling like we have less energy. 

These steps will help you nail down the big things in the ways of speeding up your metabolism no matter what your age. These steps can be used by anyone old or young, no matter where your starting from.

You’ll enjoy this episode if you’re looking for a simple strategy optimize your metabolism speed. This doesn’t mean you’ll see results overnight but over the long haul this stuff will make a huge huge difference. These six steps are more the six rules for the fastest metabolism EVER. 

Hope you enjoy and more importantly ACT!

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  • The importance of regular sleep times.
  • What is PYY? How it effect hunger and fat loss.
  • The worst kind of jobs that destroy your metabolism and health.
  • The right kind of exercise to speed up metabolism.

Time Stamps:

[3:30] – Step One Sleep and Wake Cycles. 

[4:20] – The worst kind of jobs that destroy your metabolism and health.

[6:10] – Google this phrase and be shocked by the research you’ll find.

[7:27] – Step Two Regular Meal Times. Why it helps optimize metabolism speed.

[8:30] – How regular eating habits effect your metabolism.

[9:00] – The meal timing design. Key takeaways you would have never realized actually happen.

[11:30] – What is PYY? How it effects hunger and fat loss.

Medical Definition of PYY  by www.medicinenet.com

PYY: A hormone concerned with hunger and the lack of hunger (satiety). Soon after eating, PYY is secreted into the blood by cells lining the lower small intestine (the ileum) and the colon. The release of PYY begins before nutrients arrive in the lower small intestine and the colon. The further release of PYY is stimulated by nutrients within the lower small intestine and the colon. PYY decreases food intake by inhibiting gut motility. It acts as an “ileal brake” to cause a sense of satiety. PYY is a peptide.

[12:52] – Step Three Use the right kind of training to boost metabolism.

[14:20] – Step Four Why certain foods reduce metabolism speed.

[16:11] – Step Five Hydration – Is a lack of water the solution for detoxing, faster metabolism and better skin?

Step UNO: Get your sleep and wake cycles normalized. 

Seems like a weird place to start huh? Sleep has a profound impact on your ability to burn fat and your metabolism speed. A constantly shifting sleep schedule is something that throws off you body’s clock. This is the one key thing I learned from Scott Abel and a common trait among guys and gals who look great 365. Consistency with sleep and wake cycles dominates the game.

Some of research:

  • Studies have shown the impact of the irregular sleep and wake times and type 2 diabetes.
  • Research has also shown that when your not sleeping consistently or not sleeping enough blood sugar levels rise and impairs glucose control. There is strong evidence to believe that shift work or working at night, has been correlated to higher risk of metabolic syndrome. Highly stressful jobs or live styles this is the first place to be start improving when it comes to increasing metabolism speed.Study One (study)There’s also been research that shows the impact of difference on the TEF (thermic effect of food),  appetite, and energy expenditure.due to irregular eating times.

Step Dos! Get your eating schedule consistent 

If your job requires crazy hours and little, inconsistency with meals then it might be time for a new job for the sake of your health…
Increased hunger and decreased TEF from food and impaired blood sugar control. Having a schedule keeps your body from guessing when its going to feed in my experience decreases the chance for binge eating, and increases complacency with an eating pattern.

This study shows the relationship between meal patterns and metabolism, appetite and energy expenditure.

More Resources here and  here.

Step Tres: Use HIIT or some form of brief intense exercise
A French study measured VO2max responses among two groups of men and women; one group participated in an eight-week HIIT program; the other, in a traditional steady-paced cardiovascular training program. The HIIT group saw higher VO2max increases (15 percent) than the group doing traditional steady-paced cardiovascular training (9 percent). Improving cardio-vascular function and increasing VO2max are major goals of patients who suffer from heart disease. For this reason, some cardiac rehabilitation centers are beginning to include interval-training sessions with heart disease patients. Results show improvements similar to traditional low-intensity cardio, but in a shorter time and with fewer sessions.


Step Cuatro: Don’t eat foods you know you can tolerate and processed foods (Gluten Dairy, processed sugars).  AND Avoid pesticides, herbicides and chemicals  as MUCH AS POSSIBLE! 

More and more we are exposed to things that may seem harmless in small doses BUT we simply don’t know the effects of these chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

Step Cinco. Hydration = Optimized Metabolism


Resources Mentioned

Tripping Over The Truth 

Irregular Eating Habits and Your Metabolism 





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