81 Mike Vacanti – How To Guarantee Fat Loss Progress, Boxing, Bulking and much more.


Bulletproof Your Progress By Getting Brilliant At The Basics 

In this episode on the Lean Ripped and Healthy Radio,  we have an elite trainer, author, and vlogger Mike Vacanti. This is the perfect episode if you’re looking to figure out the ABC’s of diet and nutrition if you’re busy, go out to restaurants a lot of live on the road a lot then you’ll enjoy some of the simple strategies Mike uses with his coaching clients that you can plug right into your life today.

We dive into his past bulking phase and expert tips for how to execute a lean bulk, also so cool and interesting non fitness related stuff such as the posters Mike had on his wall growing up, why most NHL players are born in January and the reason why getting out of your comfort zone will do you some good.

Say hi to Mike on Instagram and check out his growth Youtube  channel.

Time Stamps:

[4:00] The #1 thing you can do to day to fix your diet. (no its not go paleo)

[7:42] How to guarantee you ARE making progress and in a calorie deficit or surplus depending on your goals

9:30 Look and Feel Better – 12 Week Fat Loss Training Program For Men/Women

[14:20] The truth about building muscle and not worrying about what others have to say.

[16:21] Calories for lean bulking. On and off days and the psychological side behind building muscle.

[18:01] How to know what your maintenance calories truly are.

[19:44] NHL, Dawson’s Creek, Britney Spears.

[20:55] Why most NHL Pros are born in January.

[21:44] What Mike’s 3 best friends would say about him?

[24:20] The reasons why Mike is doing the Ameature Boxing Fight. Getting punched in the face and getting out of your comfort zone.

[27:10] Adherence V The perfect strategy.


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  2. Learn something worth remembering.
  3. Laugh at my horrible jokes, or at the copious amount of “umm’s” I blurt out throughout the show…haha (yes I am aware)


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Look and Feel Better – 12 Week Fat Loss Training Program For Men/Women


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