66 Hacking Habits and Making Your Own Success and Making Motivation Obsolete


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Episode 66: Mike Forest: Habits, The Myth of Motivation and Bulletproofing Your Success.
May 23, 2017


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Making Your Own Luck With The Power OF Habits With Mike Forest.

How can you hack your habits, and make the hard things in life easy..er?

How can you push the domino over and set a cascade of good habits that keep accelerating your results?
To learn how we can do this I brought on Mike Forest from Thehabit.space and fellow podcaster on the Smarter Sculpted Physique Podcast

Some of my favorite takeaways golden nuggets from this interview:

  1. The habit cascade and his vitamin D, sun light expose example with training, thinking and structuring your day right to win.
  2. His advice for bulletproofing your own success by planning in detail. And how to use others and pre commit to make the action more do able.
  3. That little voice inside your head that justifies why you need to eat that piece of chocolate, why you shouldn’t go to the gym etc. and cultivating the habit of telling this little voice to piss off.
  4. Having back up meals and just having contingency plans in place for things like training and nutrition.

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[7:50] – What a habit really is and how it relates to free will.
[8:40] – Cue, reward, trigger the backbones of habits and how to hack them.
[10:00] – The Habit Cascade Effect
[14:20] – The two major things that Mike changed to transform his body.
[15:22] – The best time to start new habits for building muscle, burning fat, changing your diet and eating habits
[16:43] – Intentional Journaling and Mike’s
[17:24] – The Quantum torpedo principle for bulletproofing your new rituals guaranteeing your success and making failure impossible.
[23:33] – The Habit Spectrum, fighting evolutionary characteristics of the human brain.
[27:13] – Hacking your environment, the Zone of Propinquity, simple changes for big changes.
[33:05] – The importance of a back up meals and backup plans when motivation leaves you high and dry.
[38:04] – Is moderation a myth? All or nothing? Is it what you should be striving for in your diet?
[42:00] – How to stop binging.
[44:50] – Biofeedback. Inside out V Outside In The only way to win.
[45:45] – The sweet spot of hunger
[48:00] – Getting more from every rep. They key to building muscle and having effective workouts.
[52:05] – Mikes current training routine
[54:40] – How to measure and key takeaways from frequent weigh in’s.

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Resources Mentioned In The Episode: 
Doing the Work
The Six Day Hybrid
Mike’s Meal Plan Guide (get it while it’s still free)

People Mentioned
Scott Abel
Sal Di Stefano
Steven Pressfield
Chris Fox




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