85 The Metabolic Amplification System (MAS) & Instinctual Eating with Oualid Zaim


80/20 Dieting, Training For Strength In A Fat Loss Phase and Enjoying the Process of Getting Lean and much more.

Today on the show we have mens transformation coach, Oualid Zaim. The creator of the Metabolic Amplification System.

Oualid and I cover intermittent fasting (his personal routine), effective fat loss training strategies, his 80/20 approach to nutrition, why you should go SLOW in order to go fast with your transformation.

You’ll enjoy this episode if you’re looking for a simple strategy to enjoy your life while making progress in your journey towards getting lean, ripped and healthy.

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[5:12] – Oualid’s story, finding love, losing love and turning the ship around.
[9:55] – The first fat loss transformation, Key lessons learned and insights.
[13:22] – Oualid morning routine for eliminating hunger, hydration and fasting.
[15:20] – Breaking the fast, simple meal ideas.
[17:20] – Training fasted in the morning, key myths busted.
[19:10] – The metabolic amplification system, building a strong metabolism for long term success.
[20:30] – a KEY question to ask yourself before trying a certain eating strategy.
[23:30] – Eating a cheat meal and waking up leaner.
[25:00] – Staying in a caloric deficit, wrecking your metabolism? How much is too much?
[31:19] – How to know your calorie maintenance level right now, a quick and dirty method.
[32:20] – How Oualid staying sub 10% body fat year round. The 5/2 split. Not rushing fat loss.
[35:40] – Training on MAS, a minimalist approach.
[39:10] – Building muscle and losing fat. Top 6 exercises during a fat loss phase.
[46:00] – The most painful 3 sets of Leg Press ever.
[47:25] – Deadly mistakes that will set up for failure.
[49:00] – Meal patterns. Plus expert advice.
[53:00] – Getting lean on autopilot how to set it and forget it. Habitual nutrition.
[55:00] – Rapid Fire Round Questions:
[58:10] – Oualid Super Shake Recipe.
[1:01:00] – Morning routines for priming your mindset.

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The Metabolic Amplification System


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