38 Protein Powder Wars – Which is best for your goals????

A Sea of Confusion

Supplements fascinate me, after devising ways to make delicious pancakes and cookies that won’t destroy ones physique, I find researching the crap out of supplements and especially proteins somewhat fun.

This episode take my weird fascination with protein powders and uses it to serve you better in your quest for a six pack..

We cover, milk, hemp, pea. rice, soy and beef protein powders and cover the pros and cons of each. We also go over what really is in beef protein…


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Show Notes:

  • Milk Based Proteins, everything you need to know [05:00]
  • muscle Building Benefits of Whey…More Muscle= More Eating without worry [06:13]
  • Negatives of Whey Protein [07:45]
  • Soy Proteins good..? Bad? Harmful for men? [09:45]
  • Rice protein where does come from and what it tastes like? [12:20]
  • Egg White Protein…does it work? Better than real eggs? Where and how to buy them?[14:00]
  • Hemp Protein Powder? My Favorite Vegan Source Protein. [16:40]
  • BEEF Protein, the truth behind it? And What Your Actually eating…[19:00]
  • A List Protein Powders my handful of top brands and types. [21:30]

Links Mentioned:

A List Proteins

#1 True Nutrition – Hydrolyzed Whey Grass Fed Protein
(ATTENTION: I do as of now have a financial relationship with truenutrition.com but only if you use my discount code, which I only give to my coaching clients) But check them out! And if you interest in coaching and all the benefits of working with me Email me [email protected]

#2 Grass Fed Whey – I like Dolce Whey by Onnit 

#3 Garden of life Raw Protein Plant Based Option 

#4 Grass Fed College Peptides  Strengthens bones, skin, anti aging, helps relieve joint pain,

#5 Raw Cacao Goal Milk Protein anyone who has problems with normal whey protein goats milk is usually easier to digest especially the older you get your body just doesn’t have the renin (necessary protein enzyme for milk protein digestion)
#6 Metabolic Drive by Biotest – Tnation.com

Luis Diaz

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