83  Pro Fitness Model Rob Piscitello & The Ultimate Method To Build Muscle and Burn Fat.


Unlocking The Secrets and Principles of The GBC Method

German body composition training (GBC) is not very common in today’s gyms. Walk into your local fitness center and ask everyone what are they doing today for a workout, I guarantee no one will say the GBC method.

Today my buddy WBBF Pro Fitness Model, former D1 athlete,  Strength & Conditioning Coach and Person Trainer, Rob Piscitello shares with us how to use this forgotten training style to create astounding results in your physique. Be warned, it’s not easy you will have to be willing to work hard for this training style to produce amazing results but that’s the nature of the beast.


  • The GBC method, what it is and how to use it, plus a free workout (here)

  • Growth hormone response from training

  • Post workout nutrition for fat loss

  • Mistakes people make with GBC.

  • How To Get A Free Coaching Call (in the show notes)

Show Notes:


  • [4:00] Rob’s background, how Rob and I met, strongman workouts and more
  • [6:30] What makes GBC different
  • [9:20]  Metabolic response, exercise induced growth hormone, lactic acid and and accelerating your fat loss.
  • [10:55] The origins of GBC. Training elite athletes and the grand master of GBC, Coach Poliquin.
  • [20:08] Expert advice for injured people who want to try GBC. Knowing your limits and biomechanics.
  • [24:00] The optimal breakfast for German Body Composition training.
  • [30:00] Megadosing fish oil, the controversial supplement. Quality. Anabolic effects?
  • [34:00] The juicy details of GBC, common killer mistakes with GBC.
  • 35:00 IRRP [Incomplete rest/recovery periods], The best tool for tracking for GBC.
  • [37:10] How To establish starting weights for training.
  • [47:00] Fitness model tips for building the best body
  • [51:00] Cheat meal strategies to maximize the results from a damn good meal.
  • [52:30] How to prepare for a fancy dinner to blunt fat gain.
  • [58:00] What to find the GBC Method.


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