69 Ross Grant The Success Cycle, Making Your Success in Fitness Nonnegotiable. How to overcome pointless anger.




This is the most unsexy but highly impactful episode you will hear this year….There’s no crazy workouts, supplements, or weird tricks.

It’s about mindset, consistency, hardwork, showing up, showing gratitude, forming habits and routines. Oh and kicking ass consistently!

My guest today Ross Grant, in my opinion one of the best kept secrets in the acting and high performance mindset coaching, the guy lives what he preaches and walks the talk.

He’s a high performance mindset coach, actor, voice over artist, marathon runner and entrepreneur who’s helped literally thousands of young actor start their career in acting and transform their mindsets to really unlock their potential. Today I pick Ross’s brain on how we can use what he teaches in a fitness context.



Some of my favorite takeaways from this interview:

  1. The Success Cycle
  2. Gratitude, the instant fix.
  3. Ross’s one switch that made a noticeable difference in his abs and how to implement change.
  4. When you should make changes in your life any why.

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[5:05] How to make the hard things more do-able. Half Marathons and Ross’s personal story.

[9:45] Vitamin D. Not a vitamin. A super drug.

[11:00] Owning up, showing up and raising your standards.

[17:19] Leveraging the negatives to cause massive action.

[19:14] Frank Kern, Tony Robbins the Success Cycle. Procrastination and the practicality fallacy.

[33:20] A great app for tracking goals for the day. How to get clarity and execute your day like a master.

[36:00] My morning routine, cold showers and Tough Mudders. The Ice Man Wim Hof

[40:30] The first 60 minutes of the day for a high performance mindset coach.

[42:20] Forming Habits and routines. The 30 Day Challenge for anything.

[44:00] How to make the hard things easy. Proper preparation.

[45:45] The antidote for everything.  

[53:33] Ross’s new upgraded breakfast.

[54:35] Optimization morning shots (ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon)

[58:00] Specific consistent actions, average actions = average results

[59:40] Consistently the non sexy but highly effective.

[1:06:14] The BEST time and day to make a change for health and fitness.


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