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First I just want to thank you for checking out the site. I made this site to give The Lean Ripped and Healthy Listeners a place to come and learn more and join the club! If you want to learn the ways of the Lean Ripped and Healthy and how to live a long life and look great doing it, then your in the right place.

A little about me:

  • Yankees/Giants Fan WOO!
  • Love pancakes.
  • Never been to Chicago.
  • Love the beach and cooking
  • I like checklists, to do lists and order in my life. (sorry type B people)
  • Love Enimen, NF and T.I. (but I listen to all kind stuff)
  • I’m pretty a pretty shy dude.

The System:

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Get Lean
  3. Get Ripped

In that order. It became really apparent to me back in 2014 that if I didn’t take my healthy seriously (sleep, nutrition, proper exercise execution and intensity) my body would continue to look…well pretty damn average.

Nailing down the basics and learning from some of the awesome people I’ve have on the podcast have allowed me progress and grow.


What I’ve Learned from doing over 100 episodes of the LRH Podcast (in no particular order)

  • Simple = doable = progress = results.
  • A diet with fewer items is best.
  • Carbs are earned not given.
  • Training is HIGHLY specific to your genetics.
  • Tracking and testing is the only way you will truly know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Treat fitness as a big experiment and do’t get married to one way of doing something.
  • Short term sprints ofr 6 to 8 weeks are great for finding if a particular training or diet strategy works or not.
  • Your suppose to suck when you start out…embrace it.
  • The fastest way to learn anything is by getting a coach.
  • Motivation is like a shitty girlfriend. She’s only there for the good times and nowhere to be found when you really need them.
  • Discipline and structure = freedom and a great body/life.


How To Use This Website For Your Max Benefit:

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