6 Things To Subtract From Your Life. To Get Shredded.

Less B.S. = More Fat Loss 

More training, more meals, more exercises, more supplements, more cardio, bigger goals etc.

But can you get ripped with less of damn near everything??

Before we can dump on a ton of priorities and tasks we need to strip away what’s holding us back which is the reason why we fail at fitness in the first place! We don’t subtract, we just add new stuff to the mix without paying attention to the handful of things that if correct would leave us looking pretty damn shredded in no time.

So, what is the secret? We need to evaluate our current actions, focus and DO LESS believe it or not, is where we need to start. With the passing of the holidays and new years celebrations we all have too much of everything. Eggnog, food, useless Christmas gifts and far off goals.

Feeling full?

If you are, then you’re not alone. Society has made it almost impossible to not be running around in a dazed and confused mess around this time of year.

To get the body you want you’re going to need clarity and with an overabundance of crap (both edible, physical and mental) you’re likely to be on the road to failure.

So what can be done? It’s time to SUBTRACT

Step 1: Subtract your goals.

Goals are great until the feeling of failure from not accomplishing whiplashes you in the ass. I’ve been there, it sucks. I’m say go small or aim for an easier goals I’m saying pick one. Competing in your first Iron Man and gaining 12 pounds of muscle in the same time frame is about as smart as deadlifting with heels on…..don’t try it.


What To Do: Pick one goal to avoid conflicting training priorities.  Want to get shredded? Great! Just keep in mind hitting a new PR  for the squat will have to take the backseat for a bit if you want to sit around 8% BF for summer.

You can stack your fitness goals one after another but that’s another conversation.

Step 2: Subtract your excuses.

Commit to it and thats it. How do you do this to bulletproof your path towards looking absolutely amazing?

Make it hurt, in one way or another. Put your money or reputation on the line. Make the pain of losing more intense than the pain of doing.

   The simple truth is that we don’t skip that 5th or 6th beer or that extra piece of cake because there’s more pain associated to missing that food than eating it. We skip the gym because there’s more pain associated with going than there is staying average and looking the same and not hitting yourgoal.

Common excuses to watch out for.

Excuse #1: Time

How to fix it. Accept that you will never have enough time. You have to make time. Create time.

Excuse #2: I don’t know how to do X.

How to fix it. Find someone who does, a coach, a mentor, a trainer.

Tip: If you’re like me and need that accountability to get things done. DON’T invest in a product where theres no accountability. Hire someone who you can communicate with throughout the journey. Your success rate will double at the very least.

What To Do: Cut the B.S. put your money or reputation where your mouth is. If you need more time, take a deep dive and cut out the unimportant  tasks that are in your day to day routine. If you need to learn or lack the knowledge, hire someone and eliminate the mental headache and self doubt.

Step 3: Subtract Your A.I.C. Hours (Ass in chair)

I’ve come to realize most people don’t have an eating problem, they have a sitting problem.  After analyzing many different clients’ diets and lifestyles I’ve seen two common patterns.

  • They seriously lack movement.
  • They’re normally starving themselves already.

If you don’t want to do a complete overhaul on your kitchen. Start with this. Cut the time you spend sitting in half and if your job dictates that you are sitting a lot take walks every 45 mins.

In short – Less time in a seat, more time on your feet.

What To Do: Cut your AIC in half. Stand at your desk, take small walk breaks etc.

Step 4: Subtract Calories

If you are stuffing yourself, then its time to face the music and subtract the calories. You don’t need a detox, or herbalife-esque fairy dust or a drastic change to start seeing results just do this 2 to 3 days a week. Here’s how to make eating right brain dead simple.

I learned/stole this from John Goodman from the PTDC. com use what John calls green face days….

What To Do:

For 2-3 days of the week only have the following.

  • Water or tea (tip: use carbonated water to fill your stomach up)
  • Things that have or had a face. (beef, chicken, tuna, turkey, egg, bison, etc)
  • Things that are green (avocado, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, kale, pickled veggies etc)
  • No starchy carbs, no sauces, no thick creamy salad dressings, no sodas, juices, no protein bars, or processed foods.
  • No Dairy. (besides a quality whey protein supplement)

No tracking needed. Don’t over complicate things. Do this 2 to 3 days per week.

Step 5: Subtract the magic pills. (supplements)

Use that money for better food. Food is a drug, when used right it can have drug like effects on your physique. Divert that money to where it can make a bigger impact.

What to do:

From personal experience I find it necessary to simplify this area when getting serious about getting lean. Here’s what you need for most cases:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Whey Protein
  3. Multi Vitamin or Green Supplement
  4. Fish Oil
  5. Creatine

Start this year with less supplements and more quality food. Chances are you’ll have more money too.

Step 6: Subtract the negativity and deadweight (friends that don’t share or encourage your change)

Your average or the 5 people your hanging around with in a lot more than just financial status. Look at the other people your around at work, school, at home. Are your buddies/friends/family members proud of their bodies, do they have what you want?

If not, then chances are that following their advice and their habits won’t lead you down the path of getting ripped and getting the body you want. You’re going to have to do things differently.

This means you need to find a new group of buddies.  Sorry. You don’t have to drop them cold turkey but subtract time spent with them and find some new people.

Family’s a pain but it up to you to set a new standard. This is tough, but to achieve things that you have never done before you need to up your game and do things differently, its time to be an alpha male and set the standards for them.

If you start this year by subtracting instead of adding you’ll see unparalleled results.

Be sure to check out the Six Pack Reset 10 Day Challenge where we walk you through each of these steps in detail with daily action plans, accountability and a plan to guide you to getting results.

Luis Diaz

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