78 Biohacking, A Nootropics + Ketones Preworkout, Lucid and Ketogenic Diet: Expert Tips and Tricks with The Superhero Makers


I had a lot of fun with the interview this week, my guests on the show today are biohacking specialists and superhero makers Craig Kent and Tara Garrison. In this episode we dive into diet strategies, fasting, how your personality and neurotransmitter dominance effects your style of training, how training like a Marine could make you fatter and more. 

If you’re looking for the low down info on Ketogenic dieting, neurotransmitters and what they have to do with which training program is best for your personality, biohacking your brain for better workouts, getting lean mental clarity, energy and performance, then you’re in the right spot.

On top of that you’ll hear some interesting stories about Craig’s shocking transformation while in the Marines, gaining 40lbs of fat and his near death experience during his bodybuilding career.

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Show Notes:

3:14 – Almost dying at a bodybuilding show

[6:10] – The Wonder Women Collective, building strong capable women

[8:00] – Gain 40lbs of Fat As a Marine.

[13:21] – Personality Types, Brain Chemistry and how it affects your brain.

[21:24] – Lucid Balancing the Brain and optimizing performance Nootropics + Ketones

[27:40] – What most companies do as a cop out to cover up the truth.

[31:00] – Ketogenic dieting, And its benefits, far beyond body composition.


34:00 – The Ketogenic Bible..Preorder Here

[34:45] – Key mistakes NOT to make if you want to try the ketogenic diet.

[38:30] – Should you always be in Ketogenic Diet?

41: 20 – Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, Keto and Co, Hot Breakfast

[44:30] – Vitamin B12 benefits, Beta Hydroxy Butyrate  

[49:30] – 23andme, Testosterone replacement therapy, and the WHOOP Strap.

[54:49] – Neural Charge Training, sprints, slams and aggressive training that makes your better not exhausted.  

56: 20 – Deep meditation, fasted walking, and how to do a rest day.

[59:00] – Fats to AVOID while on Keto, or just forever.

[1:02:00] – Pre workout, ketogenic breakfast recipe.

1:03:59 – Craig’s Super Protein Blend that you can make yourself right here.  (Use ABGUY for 5% off)

[1:06:40] – A home recipe for optimal fat loss before training. (Guarantee you already have all the ingredients)

[1:09:20] – Biggest life changes health and fitness discoveries for Tara and Craig.

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