The 8% Body Fat Program – Why you should get lean first then build muscle [BONUS EPISODE]


BONUS EPISODE – Get Lean and THEN Build Solid Rock Hard Muscle.

I messed up when I was 20 years old.  Sitting at around 155 and skinny fat I decided that I needed more muscle and it was time to eat big and get big!!

What happened?

See the before picture above….(trust me there’s more where that came from)

Bulking when your not in the single digit body fat%’s isn’t optimal. Still many of us do for some reason..


Simple. Its more fun to eat more, train harder (but not smarter) and wrtie off the extra slice of pizza as, “calories needed for more muscle” B.S.  Don’t lie to yourself, like l did. Being harsh and honest in the beginning will make life easier down the road.

The 8% Limited Opportunity

I’ve been away (not really unfortunately) but mentally away, my head has been in the books, research papers, peer reviewed scientific journals and nutrition & physiology textbooks….I’ve been a busy guy. Here’s your opportunity to see what I’ve come up with for a massively discount price.

Be a founding 8%er. Be a part of the test group!

Simply email me with the SUBJECT TITLE: I’M IN!

[email protected]

Your ultimate training opportunity…

I’ve been testing it, using it and constantly tweaking it.

I’m looking for 8-10 guys who are around 13-15% body fat who want to get to 8% by mid march….

If your a fit for the program You’ll get one on one coaching unlimited access to me via email/text

You”ll also be getting the program however it will be designed for you, which won’t be the case with the final product. At a ridiculously low price.

Just to make sure you have all your bases covered you ll get…

1. A customized meal plan
2. A customized nutrition guide
3. A supplement plan regimen (depending on the your deficiencies with your diet)
4. An eight week multi phased training program build around your current fitness level.
5. Full access to me via email and text
6. As a bonus, You’ll also get the full blow program for $1 when it’s completed.

The custom meal plans won’t be available with the final product at least not like how they will be with this one on one opportunity

We start Jan 30th.

If your interested or have questions email me
[email protected]

Don’t post your questions in the comments I won’t answer them.

Serious people only.

Thanks looking forward to working with a few serious people

Luis Diaz

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